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Academic Staff works with the leading professionals and institutions in the higher education sector to match talent with opportunities.

Are you searching for academic positions or a support role in higher education? Find relevant new higher education teaching jobs including Professor, Dean, Lecturer and Tutor positions, as well as Marketing, Administration and Management roles here. Academic Staff has a wide range of academic jobs from a growing industry of over 200 Australian higher ed institutions.

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Simple, Flat Rates

Traditional recruitment companies charge employers a percentage fee of a candidates starting salary; this means that generally the more senior the position, the higher the fee.

At Academic Staff, we believe this to be unfair. Instead, we consult with employers to agree a flat rate fee, once all of the factors of the talent project have been considered. And remember, employers will only be charged once the successful incumbent has been offered employment. That is our commitment to your business success.

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About Academic Staff

How it works

Academic Staff is one of very few talent consultancies operating in the Australian Education Sector, and the only one specialising in the Private Higher Education Sector. This makes us uniquely placed to deliver a targeted and appropriate range of services to both HE institutes seeking to build a talented workforce, and to jobseekers who have, or are building a career in academia, and academia support.


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